About us

Whats our story?

We opened our first crabmeat processing plant over 30 years ago in Southeast Louisiana. Through the years we have expanded our business to include a crab/crawfish/catfish processing plant (Southeast Seafood Brokerage Company), wholesale seafood business (Southeast Seafood Brokerage Company and Oakridge Seafood), and also have a retail shop/restaurant (The Seafood Pot). We are family owned and operated, and take pride in delivering the BEST fresh seafood that Louisiana has to offer. We currently ship our live and or boiled seafood across the United States. We also distribute our fresh crabmeat and crawfish tails to restaurants within the New Orleans area and across the US. We can cater crawfish /crab boils for large business parties as well as small affairs. And last but not least, we can serve the best seafood po-boy, boiled crabs, boiled crawfish, and much more at our family owned restaurant – The Seafood Pot.

We can ship anywhere across the U.S.

Live or Boiled Crabs:
Live or boiled crawfish
Frozen whole boiled crawfish

Fresh or Frozen Crabmeat:
Jumbo Lump
All Lump

Fresh (in season) and frozen crawfish tail meat


Live Crawfish

Fresh Boiled Crawfish

Frozen Boiled Crawfish (heat and eat)

Frozen whole boiled crawfish available to ship.